Abhilasha Temple necklace – Green


Abhilasha is a gorgeous temple necklace that features intricate carvings of Goddess Laxmi along with elephant and flower motifs, all of which are decorated with sparkly american diamonds, magenta and emerald green stones and luxurious onyx bead droplets. This beautiful necklace features an intricately carved pendant featuring Goddess Laxmi in a temple with some enchanting peacock and elephant motifs that exude the beauty of natural flora and fauna we are blessed with. The earrings are a piece of art in their own right, displaying the goddess in her full glory. Have this brilliant ornament in your jewellery collection and you will not feel the need for anything more opulent to compliment your festive outfits.

Care Instructions:

  • Avoid Direct Exposure to Heat and Chemicals like Perfume, Deo, Alcohol
  • Keep Away From Water. Clean With Dry Cotton Cloth
  • Pack in an Air Tight Container After Use
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Step into the world of divine elegance with our exquisite Abhilasha Temple Necklace, a true masterpiece that captures the essence of timeless beauty and spiritual grace. This necklace is not just an accessory; it’s a tribute to the richness of Indian culture, art, and tradition, celebrating the intricate carvings and delicate motifs that define the essence of Goddess Laxmi’s divine aura.

At the heart of the necklace lies an intricately carved pendant that showcases Goddess Laxmi in all her resplendent glory, surrounded by enchanting peacock and elephant motifs that pay homage to the natural beauty of our world. Each detail is meticulously crafted, capturing the divine essence and spiritual significance that Goddess Laxmi represents, adding a touch of grace and elegance to the ensemble.

Adorning the pendant are intricate carvings of flowers and ornate designs, adorned with sparkly American diamonds that add a touch of luxury and opulence to the necklace. Complementing these diamonds are magenta and emerald green stones that create a mesmerizing play of colors and light, adding vibrancy and allure to the necklace that’s sure to capture the attention of all those around you.

Dangling delicately from the pendant are luxurious onyx bead droplets, creating a sense of movement and grace that’s both captivating and enchanting. These droplets are more than just accents; they are a symbol of abundance and prosperity, embodying the blessings and grace that Goddess Laxmi bestows upon all those who seek her divine guidance and protection.

Completing this ensemble are the earrings, a true work of art that showcases the goddess in her full glory. These earrings are more than just ornaments; they are a testament to the rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance that define the essence of the Abhilasha Temple Necklace, allowing you to carry with you the blessings and grace of Goddess Laxmi wherever you go.

Wear the Abhilasha Temple Necklace with pride and elegance, and let it be a reflection of your own unique style and spiritual connection. Let it be a reminder that true beauty lies in the essence of divine grace and that every piece of jewelry has a story to tell. Embrace the beauty of this necklace and allow it to bring you abundance, prosperity, and the blessings of Goddess Laxmi.


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American Diamond & Stones, Pearls, Temple

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