Mannara Long Hasli Necklace – Black/Orange


One from our Artisanal Collection, Mannara is an amalgamation of Indian craftsmanship, artistic perspective and cultural heritage. It features the traditional hasli design that is artistically extended by adding a plethora of patterns, intricate details, tonal hues, and natural stones. The vibrant orange Carnelian stones add a splash of colour while the black stones instill a sense of depth. This statement neckpiece is accompanied by minimal black stone earrings.

Care Instructions:

  • Avoid Direct Exposure to Heat and Chemicals like Perfume, Deo, Alcohol
  • Keep Away From Water. Clean With Dry Cotton Cloth
  • Pack in an Air Tight Container After Use
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Inakshi Blue Stone Ring
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Step into the world of exquisite craftsmanship and cultural heritage with our stunning Mannara Necklace, a true testament to the artistry and finesse of Indian traditions. This necklace is not just an accessory; it’s a masterpiece that embodies the soul of centuries-old craftsmanship, artistic finesse, and a vibrant cultural narrative.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional hasli design, Mannara exudes a timeless charm that’s enhanced by an array of intricate patterns, artistic details, and a rich tapestry of tonal hues. Each element is carefully woven together to create a mesmerizing symphony of colors and textures, celebrating the richness and diversity of Indian culture.

The vibrant orange Carnelian stones, reminiscent of the warm hues of a summer sunset, add a captivating splash of color to the necklace. These stones are more than just accents; they are a symbol of vitality and energy, infusing the piece with a sense of vibrancy and dynamism.

Contrasting with the warmth of the Carnelian stones, the black stones instill a sense of depth and mystery, creating a striking balance that’s both captivating and enchanting. These stones represent the timeless elegance and understated allure that define the essence of the Mannara Necklace.

This statement neckpiece is not just an accessory; it’s a celebration of the rich cultural tapestry that defines the essence of India. It’s a reflection of the country’s diverse heritage, vibrant traditions, and the enduring spirit of artistic expression.

Accompanying this necklace are the minimal black stone earrings, a perfect complement to the grandeur of the necklace. These earrings are a testament to the beauty of simplicity, allowing the Mannara Necklace to take center stage and shine as a true work of art.

Wear the Mannara Necklace with pride and confidence, knowing that you carry with you a piece of India’s rich cultural heritage and artistic legacy. Let it be a reminder that true beauty transcends time and trends, and that the essence of artistry lies in celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of our world.


Black, Gold, Silver, Orange


American Diamond & Stones, Oxidised, Silver Replica

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